Looking for a fun way to recreate a baby Yoda? The kids would love this super simple DIY Bay Yoda Craft!

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DIY Baby Yoda Craft Super Simple to Make

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored craft paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Black sharpie
  4. Scissors
  5. Craft glue


Step -1:

Select green, brown, white and pink colored craft papers for the Baby Yoda papercraft. Trace the body and the 2 hand patterns on green colored craft paper, trace the clothe and the 2 hand parts of the clothe on brown colored craft paper, trace the inner ear parts and the mouth on pink colored craft paper and trace the eyes on white paper.

Step -2:

Stick the 2 inner ear parts on the ear parts attached to the main body pattern.

Step – 3:

Cover the bottom side of the body with the clothe pattern. While attaching the clothe pattern on the body pattern, remember to keep the head and the feet outside the clothe pattern.

Step – 4:

Use a black sharpie to fill the eyes and stick the eyes on the head part.

Step – 5:

Grab the hand cutouts and the hand parts of the clothe pattern. Attach the hands of the Yoda with the hand cutouts of the paper clothe pattern.

Step – 6:

Attach the hands on both sides of the paper Baby Yoda.

Step – 7:

I’m keeping the hands towards the upside.

Step – 8:

Attach the mouth cut out. Use a black sharpie to trace the nose and to draw borders around the mouth and eyes.

Step – 9: Final image

Cut out the mug pattern from a craft paper and slide it in between the hands of Baby Yoda.

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